Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to call in advance to make a reservation?

Yes, reservations are required for all of our services.  It’s beneficial to reserve your pet’s stay as far ahead of your desired dates as possible.  During holiday periods, summer and weekends during ski season, we often fill up several weeks in advance.  To make a reservation you can call us at (530) 582-7268 or request a reservation online using one of the following forms:

New Customer Reservations → Existing Customer Reservations →

What information do I need to provide prior to check in?

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional, individualized care. Therefore, we look forward to speaking with you and learning about your pet(s). To save time at check-in you can print and fill out the following forms and fax or email them to us. Our fax number is 530-582-5850 and our email address is:

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What hours are you open for drop off and pickup?

We’re open daily 7:30AM to 6:00PM, Fridays 7:30AM to 7:30PM. (Our Reception desk is open later on Friday evenings to accommodate travel time/traffic delays from Sacramento & the San Francisco Bay area.) Our amazing staff is here providing great care for our furry guests 365 days a year. However, our lobby will be closed and our reservations staff unavailable (or on limited hours) on the following holidays.

Call (530) 582-7268 For Reservations

What if I need to drop off earlier or later than your normal hours?

We offer early or late pickup and drop off from as early as 6:30AM to as late as 8:30PM.  Pre-arrangement is required for this option and there is an additional $20 charge.  Early or late drop off is not available for first time guests.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my pet’s visit?

Once a reservation is confirmed, we reserve a room for each of our guests. Therefore, during normal business periods, we request three days’ notice for cancellations or changes. For peak and holiday times, we request two weeks’ notice. For cancellations outside these timeframes, a cancellation fee may be charged.

You make sure Praetzel is safe, healthy, clean and loved every moment of the day/night and that gives me great peace of mind. Thank you.
Family Retzlaff-Huggins

Do you have vaccination requirements?

Yes, for the health and safety of your pet(s) as well as our other guests and staff we verify all our visitors are current on the following vaccinations. (If you’re visiting the Tahoe area, please be sure we have verification of your pet’s vaccinations prior to your arrival.)

For dogs:

For cats:

My dog or cat hasn’t been spayed/neutered.  Is that okay?

Yes! Though dogs that have not been spayed or neutered (except for puppies less than 6 months of age) may not be able to participate in group play, they can still have a great time playing privately with a member of our staff. However, we can’t accept females in season or within 30 days of a heat cycle.

Are there any breeds of dogs that you don’t accept?

Except for wolf hybrids, who we’ve found don’t do well in our lodging environment, there are no breeds that are not welcome at Truckee-Tahoe Pet Lodge.

I’d like to bring my pet’s bed and a few special toys.  Is that okay?

Yes, you’re welcome to bring up to 3 items you think may help your pet be more comfortable. We recommend not leaving any special items you’d be disappointed not to get back.

Do I need to bring my pet’s food?

Truckee-Tahoe Pet Lodge serves our canine guests Nature’s Select premium dog food. If you would prefer your dog gets the food he or she is accustomed to eating, you’re welcome to bring it. We just ask that you package meal sized portions individually in zip lock bags and bring only enough for your pet’s visit. Feline guests are provided Natural Balance premium cat food though you are certainly welcome to bring their regular food as well. We also have a refrigerator and microwave for any special dietary requirements.

My pet needs dietary supplements and some medications. Are you able to administer these?

Yes, our staff can administer most supplements and medications. Dietary supplements are generally given as part of the feeding routine. Medications are handled separately with stricter processes and there is a small additional charge per administration. However, we can’t administer injections.

To Schedule A Reservation or For Any Other Questions Call (530) 582-7268